Bharatsinh Solanki’s bid to become Congress president to bring BJP to power in 2022 begins in Delhi

Published on: 2:56 pm, Sun, 14 March 21

Over the years, the condition of the Congress has returned to what it was before 2015. Patidars have turned to AAP and Bharatsinh Solanki, who has been playing the game of setting for years, has become active to become the Congress President of Gujarat so that the Patidars who have turned from BJP to Congress will return to BJP.

The Congress has been ruled by Bharatsinh & his familians for the last 15 years. He loses elections and plays the game of resignation and lobbying back to become president. Even the Congress sitting in Delhi has not yet been able to identify such leaders due to the neglect of the Patidars who have strengthened the Congress in Gujarat during 2015-17.

According to the information received, Bharatsinh want to come back in place of his niece. So He has started lobbying the Sonia’s house. Information is also coming in that the new state president of Gujarat Pradesh Congress will be announced by the end of March. The High Command is also likely to give a chance to a new leader this time around given the deteriorating state of Congress in Gujarat. At that time, Bharatsinh has started scrambling to make himself a leader, not new and good. It is learned that if these efforts are not successful, they are also lobbying to put Jayaraj Singh as their rubber stamp.

In the same way that Bharatsinh Solanki brought the Rajya Sabha ticket by blackmailing the High Command during the Rajya Sabha elections, Bharatsinh Solanki has also reached out to Delhi to increase the pressure to become the state president. Importantly, there are indications that a Patidar face will appear in the race for the Gujarat Congress state president, in which the names of spokesperson Manhar Patel, Deepak Babaria and former president Siddharth Patel are being discussed. Besides, the names of MLA Punjabhai Vansh, MLA Shailesh Parmar and Ashwin Kotwal are being discussed for the Leader of Opposition in the Assembly.

It may be mentioned that the Congress High Command can now hand over the responsibility to Ashok Gehlot by replacing Rajiv Satav- in charge of Gujarat. Because it was Ashok Gehlot who put the Gujarat Congress in a strong position in 2014. While Rajiv Satve has also been accused of leaving nothing to the Congress at the behest of Bharat Singh. Hardik Patel has also expressed his displeasure against the current leaders.