Say Thank You in Seven Situations, and make Life Better

Published on: 3:38 pm, Thu, 23 April 20

I don’t say “Thank You” as often as I should and I doubt I’m the only one.

In fact, I’m starting to believe that “Thank You” is the most under-appreciated and under-used phrase on the planet. It is appropriate in nearly any situation and it is a better response than most of the things we say. Let’s cover 7 common situations when we say all sorts of things, but should say “Thank You” instead.

1. Say “Thank You” when you’re receiving a compliment.

2. Say “Thank You” when you’re running late.

3. Say “Thank You” when you’re comforting someone.

4. Say “Thank You” when you’re receiving helpful feedback.

5. Say “Thank You” when you’re receiving unfair criticism.

6. Say “Thank You” when someone gives you unsolicited advice.

7. Say “Thank You” when you’re not sure if you should thank someone.
Say thank you, more often.