Our team, who has worked voluntarily for the most part since its inception, consists of engineers, social activists, journalists and policitcal experts. Hence, we have the capacity to cover various news from politics, legal issues, caste-based and religious discrimination, gender rights, labour & farmer struggles, as well as health and medicine related misinformation.

Trishul News Team

Name Designation ID Number Area
Vandan Chief Editor TRI-01 All India
Mayur Editor TRI-11 Gujarat
Shivam Reporter TRI-12 Gujarat
Dhruvi Reporter TRI-13 Gujarat
Khushi Reporter TRI-14 Gujarat

If you have any questions or query you can call or mail to our grievance officer.

Registered Office:
Trishul Enterprise,
Panchvati Soc, Katargam, Surat, Gujarat, India-395004. Our business contact number is +91 88 66 99 3004.

Grievance officer:
Vandankumar Bhadani
Mail us at: info@trishulnews.com
Phone: +91 261 796 0146